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Roadmapping “Innovative Processes and Analysis Methods for the Dairy Industry”

Innovative Processes and Analysis Methods for the Dairy Industry – How can Micro technologies and Smart Sensors help the Dairy Industry to improve food quality, reduce cost, and strengthen consumer confidence?

On 25 September 2012, FoodMicroSystem had its first roadmap workshop on the dairy sector. This workshop brought together specialists from the microsystems community with equipment providers and key players from the food industry.

On 18 January 2013, the second roadmapping workshop “Micro Technologies for the Dairy Processing Industry” took place. This workshop was a follow-up to the two workshops already organised by the FoodMicroSystems project (7 Jun 2012 Wageningen, 25 Sept 2012 Paris). This event specifically discussed opportunities & challenges and drivers & barriers for the use of micro technologies and smart systems in the dairy industry.

The workshops aim at a roadmap that will help the dairy industry and the technology companies to focus their research on joint goals, ensuring that technology push and dairy pull align. The roadmap can serve as a coordination mechanism for the near future, ensuring that demands of the dairy sector are met by technological developments and will help future innovations in the sector.

Both workshop was co-organised and moderated by enablingMNT members Patric Salomon and Henne van Heeren. Patric Salomon is the leader of the “Roadmapping” work package of the EC funded FoodMicroSystems project.

For more information on the project, please visit Initial results from the workshops can be found there (under “roadmapping”), too.

If you like to be updated and involved in future roadmapping activities, please email Patric Salomon at [email_link email=””]Patric(at)[/email_link]